10 Tips And Tricks For Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook may be a way to keep up with friends and family, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to market your brand. Several companies have already taken advantage of marketing with Facebook, and by following these tips you can be successful at it too.

1. Use relevant and interesting content. One of the best ways to attract an audience to your Facebook and web pages is to provide great content. Bold and interesting material will make viewers curious and interested in seeing what else you have.

2. Keep all your posts relevant to your brand. If you sell gold and the price of gold starts to go up, make people aware of not only the price rise, but also that they can buy from you for the cheapest price. Show people that you not only have an inside view of the market, but that you can also provide a service to them.

3. Ask for responses from your viewers. Your audience will likely read interesting articles and have something to say. Give them the opportunity. Your audience wants to respond, and keeping your Facebook page interactive is a great way to keep people there. Once a topic is started, let them respond to each others’ opinions as well.

4. Use photos and illustrations when possible. Using pictures allows your audience to get a sense of what you are talking about, as well as lets them see what is going on without having to read through your whole article. If someone reads 2 paragraphs before realizing that it is not what they are looking for, they will become disinterested and leave. Using pictures also helps people see exactly what’s going on with your company.

5. Invite subscribers to celebrate milestones with your company. Having special content or free samples is a great way to ensure people visit your Facebook page and re-post to others that it is your 10th anniversary or your 1 millionth product sold.

6. Hold free giveaways or contests. Offer codes on the products you sell in stores to entice people to visit your Facebook page. Free giveaways and similar promotions offer the most incentive for people to visit your site and for them to spread the word about what you are offering.

7. Share content from other sites and pages. If you come across great material that’s not yours, share it with your followers. Team up with another company to offer exclusive content. Talking about and sharing information only on yourself can make followers bored.

8. Use videos. Posting videos can be an excellent way to get your message across without having your followers sift through writing to see what information they need. It can keep viewers interested even if what you need to convey isn’t the most exciting thing.

9. Use promotional tools like giveaways or coupons to encourage subscribers to “Like” or share your posts. When others see how many of their friends like your product or company they will become curious and interested themselves.

10. Update your page and keep it clean and easy to navigate. Having a sloppy looking page is unprofessional and can give viewers the wrong message about your brand. Keeping your page professional lets them know that any products or services they get from you will be top notch.

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools available online, but only if you know the correct way to use it. Following these tips and tricks will help you succeed in marketing on Facebook.